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These little ornaments are fun for kids to make and work up easily and quickly for them if you use fast drying gel type glue, so that they can be painted within a half hour of making them.

(Recommended for ages 6 and up)


Bow-tie pasta
Spool of narrow ribbon or cord
Acrylic paint in color of your choice
Fast-drying, gel-type glue
Non-toxic fabric paint in red and green
Child-safe scissors
Cotton swabs (use for painting)


Use 5 bow-tie pasta pieces for each wreath.

Lay 5 bow-tie pasta pieces pieces end to end, or edge to edge, doinging it in such a way that they make a circile. Glue all inside edges together so the circle is formed and the wreath keeps its shape. Use cotton swabs to paint the wreaths and let them dry.

Turn wreaths over and paint the other sides. Let dry.

To make the holly using the fabric paint applicator randomly apply three lengths of green paint on each bow-tie edge. Let dry.

Using the fabric paint, apply one or two red dots of paint in the center of each group of green slashes.

Cut a 6” length of ribbon for each hanger.

Fold the ribbon in half and glue both cut ends to top center back of each wreath to form the hanger.

Cut another 6” length of ribbon and tie a small bow. Glue the bow onto the top center front edge of the wreath.

Its easy to make a lot of things to embellish the hand made ornaments of any kind.

Get four or five of the holiday stems or picks and trim off small leaves, small pieces of pine, beads, tiny packages, berries, mini pinecones, and such. These stems and picks come in a variety of natural pine colors as well as silver and gold.

You’ll be amazed how many small decorative pieces you can cut from just a very few stems or picks.


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