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We all remember him don’t we?

The strong man from the comic strips who told us that eating our spinach was going to make us strong to the finish.

Kids were told that the iron in the spinach would make them stronger and as a result, actually ate it.

Popeye was actually introduced in a comic strip called Thimble Theater in a time when no one cared about the antioxidants in spinach.

The comic strip itself ended in about 1992, but the collectibles that it engendered have just begun to really take off in popularity and in price.

Today they bring high prices and great retail rewards. Popeye figures can be worth 500 to 1000 USD and tin toys, lithographed, are selling from 1000 to a whopping 28000 for a Popeye rowboat.

A cast iron doorstop that featured Popeye recently sold for about 6000 on auction.

So although the comic strips and cartoons may be over with, its apparent that Popeye mania is just beginning.

Check your attic and see what you’ve got lying around in the Popeye category. It is certainly true, that Popeye is making a “strong finish”


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