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One of my favorite hobbies in recent years is building my own clocks and lamps. When I make my own, from parts I’ve ordered I know that the lamp I get will be exactly what I want and will complement my decor.I also get a unique gifts, whether I choose to give it as a birthday present or a Christmas gift, chances are that it won’t be a duplicate gift and they have always been appreciated.
You can give someone you care about a new hobby for a Christmas gift and start them out building something they love that may turn into a new hobby, a passion or even a new career.

I can order parts and components and build them exactly as I want them, each clock and lamp will match or coordinate with my style of decorating, and there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that I did it myself.

The online store that I work with is called Klockit and also furnishes plans, all of the components and hardware for clocks, lamps as well as some unique country furniture kits and plants.

Among the things I’ve built using their plans are clocks, buckboard style benches, and music boxes.

For the DIY, or handyperson in your life, who likes working with their hands, one of these kits, or the components to make their own clock might be the perfect idea for a Christmas gift that will keep them occupied over the winter and give them something more to appreciate you for.

When you purchase a kit for a Christmas gift, it gives your hobby building something new and interesting to try, and it is something more than just a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, but an indulgence in what they love to do, that leaves them something useful when they’ve completed it.

One of the things I ordered and personally recommend as relatively easy to complete is the buckboard bench kit, that you see above. that turns out well even if you are new to woodworking and is fun to build and decorate.
Its the perfect fit to country decorating, making an interesting piece of furniture that will work well in nearly any country decorated room.

The second kit I completed was the Galileo wall clock and barometer, which fits equally well with a rustic country decor that is my dining room style.
A barometer is nearly a necessity in Nebraska, but nothing says it can’t be stylish and elegant, and fit well into its surroundings, as this one certainly does.

It was fun to build, didn’t take a lot of time, or even a high cost for the kit, and if it is purchased by component and the plans for the wood cuts, that takes the cost even lower, and would delight the avid woodworker.

Some of the lovliest clocks I’ve build were built with the wood fungus that you find growing on the trees in the northeast and midwest, hollowed out and then woodburned and painted scenes placed on them from the forests..

They are fitted with the components such as the very small clock insets about one inch in diameter, purchased from the Klockit Company, that you view below and I’ve sold them for as much as fifty dollars for the smaller ones, with an outlay of about 2 hours and 12 dollars total, so the profit is a reasonable one if you’d like to sell them as opposed to making them for your own use. There are after all, only so many places to put a clock on the wall.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a do it yourselfer, or even, just a gift for yourself, pay a visit to Klockit and check out all of the interesting things they have to do, including benches, music boxes and even bass wood for those of you who enjoy woodburning.
Happy Building.


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