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Shopping for a new tent isn’t difficult if you tackle it from the standpoint of what you’re going to need it for, what kind of weather you’re going to be experiencing in your camping and how many people you’ll need to house with it.

Decide in the beginning how much you can afford to spend and then begin to check out tents in that price range.
Spending everything you have to spend on it isn’t the general idea, but spend what you need to, in order to accomplish your goals for the shelter.

Bear in mind a few simple rules when purchasing.
If you will usually be backpacking into your camp site, then the size and weight are going to make a huge difference to you.
It might be smarter to purchase two smaller tents as opposed to one three roomer that weighs 50 or 60 pounds to carry.
The capacity of a tent is based on the same figures as a room. Square feet and how many normal sleeping bags it will hold.

A few places to begin searching for your idea camping shelter are Cabelas.com and Coleman.

You’re going to find of course, that even if only two people will be camping, that you’ll but a lot more comfortable if you have a four person tent in order to store some of your gear, so I personally recommend that you search for a tent that will house at least two more people than will actually be camping.

If the weight of the tent isn’t an issue, then the multiple room tents are awesome for adding a bit of privacy (note I did say a BIT) so the kids have their own space and you do too.

A few of the features you might want to look for are:

Aluminum poles, which are more durable

Rain Flies, a sort of umbrella that will help the tent stay dry in the event of a storm.

Double stitching and folded under seams. (if you can see holes from the stitching, the tent is going to leak far more than normal.

A one piece floor that is partway up the sides will discourage water seepage and unwelcome visitors.

Good sturdy guy lines.

Tiny window mesh, which will keep out the smaller noseeum type bugs that are so annoying.

When you are comparing tents, make sure that you compare apples to apples. Don’t compare a three room tent to a one room, or a winter tent to a summer weight one.

A few comparisons on three room tents built for summer use

17´ x 9´ Weathermaster® 3-Room Tent
[17´ x 9´ Weathermaster® 3-Room Tent]

Colemans Model No. 9232G179

Exclusive WeatherTec™ System Keeps you dry — Guaranteed
• 17 x 9 feet, 3 rooms, sleeps 6-8
• 76″ of vertical space at center
• Hanging dividers to separate rooms
• Fitted fly for an extra layer of protection from the elements
• Easy to follow set up instructions are sewn into the carry bag
• Separate storage bags for tent poles and stakes
• Cool-Air™ for access to outside
• Poles: 19mm steel shock-corded
Retail price is about 250 USD from the Coleman site

Cabela’s three room, Deluxe Backwoods Cabin is truly a home away from home. The walls and roof are constructed of heavy-duty nylon taffeta to ensure they’ll stand up to frequent use. Two detachable room dividers give you the versatility to separate the cabin into three rooms or open it up for use as one large room.
Retails for about 289.99 at Cabelas.com


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