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Decorative watches and clocks are relatively modern conveniences, traditionally they are considered the province of men in fact.

The first really useful time pieces are those which were made about the sixteenth century and they did not become pieces of art, or ornaments for quite some time later.

Two markets then formed from just the one. Clocks and watches began to be considered either jewelry or furniture.

Grandfather clocks for instance, which are known more formally as “longcase” clocks in Great Britain, or Tallcase clocks in America, began to be much more popular, and are now collected avidly.

They are decorated abundantly and made of elegant and expensive woods, bronzes and laquer finishes.

There are mantel clocks, carriage clocks, wall clocks, bracket clocks and myriad collectible time pieces. Other shapes can be housed inside bronze, and boast diamonds, silver or gold as well as many other precious stones and metals. Most of these are beautiful enough to be appreciated as very valuable decorative art, but their movements are not special, merely functional.

The collector of a serious time piece is looking not just for good looks but for something special inside the case, the movement, to be an ingenious arrangement of gears and jewels and rods that keep time, after a hundred years, down to the split second.

In a long forgotten era, when men of science had no such things as space shuttles and missiles on which to work, they worked instead on clocks, keeping their significant skills sharpened by creating more and more sophisticated time pieces, that had more and more fine gears, fitted to keep track of moon phases, time, date and day, as well as seconds.

In many cases these men lost eyesight in the service of the clock making position, and made a name for themselves in history making the most creative and ingenious time pieces that are on the market still today.

Grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, pocket watches are noted collectibles today, and while you may find a bargain on some, for others such as the ones featured here, whose prices are 9000.00 USD and 12,500 USD respectively, you can expect to pay many thousands of dollars for what was once a miracle of technology and remains a durable and beautiful piece of history.

To visit some truly amazing miracles of the clock makers era, pay a visit to the Antique Traders and see if you aren’t in awe of the craftsmanship by the time you leave the pages there.

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