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An easy way to transform your stairs into an attractive and very unusual showpiece in your home and make it more than a mere passageway is to decorate it with a wide choice of accessories.

These will of course have to be arranged judiciously for safety in traversing the stairs but using your stairwell to house a wide array of different decorations and house collections that will be shown of to a great advantage makes it something more than a stairwell. It turns the staircase into a focal point, particularly if it winds down into a often used hallway or living room.

Antique toys liven up the staircase on the right and are attached to the railing using fine wire so they can’t become a danger but instead do what they were meant to do, delight visitors, while on the left you see old and antique baskets marching up the stairwell to be met at the top by hanging quilts..

The baskets in my home were replaced with a collection of nutcrackers when the Christmas holiday rolled around and then as each holiday arrived, I found some type seasonal ornamentation to add to the stairway shelving.

The nutcrackers and baskets I settle into place and make sure they don’t fall and create a hazard by using double faced tape to assure they remain upright and in place on the stairs.

You might consider taking the shelving idea above the stairs , particularly if yours have high ceilings. Run a piece of board or shelving from your local home store, (such as Home Depot) and using L shaped brackets attach them about 8-12 inches from the ceiling, and echo the decor that you used from the stairs themselves above the stairs as well, or coordinate them.

If you use toys on the stairs, then perhaps use greenery or baskets with dark red ribbons to draw they eye and lift it toward the ceiling.



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