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Tis the season. Everyone is looking and the search engines are full of requests for free Christmas wallpaper for your computer. a great many sites offer freeware wallpaper for your computer, but pay attention when you download. Some of them are laden with adware, malware or are just plain not great bits of software.

If you have issues immediately after installing it, remove it, and always, always save new software to your desktop, right click on the file and scan it with your virus scanner prior to installing it, particularly if it came from a site you are not familiar with.

We’ve done our internet roundup of some of the very best that are available, free of any kind of added software.

Not the shareware, or the quits in 30 days variety, but honest to gosh freeware, that you can save and use year after year.

PC WALLPAPER from the UK, brings a wide variety of stunning Christmas wallpapers, and having installed several, they are great additions and are easy to install and uninstall.

Wonder Christmas offers some striking wallpapers, featuring Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stars, snow scenes and gingerbread houses.

Among the most stunningly beautiful free Christmas wallpapers I found in my travels are those located at Scenic Reflections They are striking in detail, amazing colors, optimized in every way and have no additives. The snowy hut, featured here, is just one of many extraordinarily beautiful Christmass wall papers and screen savers that are free and feature animals, snow scenes, birds and wildlife and some of the most intricate and lovely scenes of Christmas that I’ve found so far.
Another site to download quality Christmas wallpapers is Graphic Freebies.com which features some lovely trees, pine boughs and snow scenes that are free to grab and use.


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