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Lets Face it. Black hat style operations, script kiddies and real hackers on the Internet are here to stay.

It’s been happening since the onset of the original bbs programs, and as the sites grew in size and importance so did the nature of the threats against them.

If your site, or your laptop or PC contain data that belongs to anyone else, that might be sensitive in nature, that may contain any type of financial information, then you are a target like anyone else.

Hoping and hiding from those who target computers, even if only to use them in denial of service attacks, isn’t going to work.

Knowledge and understanding of how they attack and how to defend against it is the best chance of preventing it.

Hacking began as a game, to see who could “get root” (gain access to the most basic and most important part of your computer) and leave some small sign of having been there.
It began as largely harmless fun.

Granted some may be harmless still , kids pranks. Some of it certainly isn’t harmless. It costs millions in time, money and loss of business to those who are its target.

From Robert Morris to Kevin Mitnick and others, far less famous and far less wholesome, hacking has a whole new face of those who use it for personal gain, or for gaining notoriety.

Robert was known on the Internet as “rtm”. But he was actually far more than just the initials. He was the son of the chief scientist at the National Computer Security Center — part of the National Security Agency (US’s NSA)
His fame skyrocketed in 1988 when he maimed and very nearly killed an Internet in its infancy at the time by the release of the first worm.

Thousands of computers were infected and crashed. The term “hacker” became a household word because of him.
I personally after years of study don’t have the skills to defend against this kind of attack
That’s what makes software so important to me for use on my own laptop..
Free hacking programs abound by those who claim to want to help you prevent the hacking of your laptop or PC.

The question is do they work? For the most part yes they do.

They are drafted by people who are trying to pave their way, or get a foot in the door of the software industries and as such who have a vested interest in making sure that what they write is comparable, and in some cases far better than the commercial products out there on the market.

Hacking isn’t just a game anymore, its a disease of epidemic proportions and as such, can cost just as much in money, or financial loss than any other disease process.

It is both costly and embarrassing in some cases.

Would you like to be the one to explain to your boss that your work laptop was hacked last night and provided all of the medical information of ten employees to a third party?
No one wants that responsibility.

When there is a chance to prevent it, why would you not take it.

Some examples of free hacking software are located here, which are well written and waiting for you to test them.

You might be glad you took the time to download one.



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