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We all love gadgetry don’t we? Unique ideas and things that make our homes smarter, and more functional, while cutting our bills and making our families ask where we found that little item. We can find vast amounts of them in futuristic shops all over the Internet and one of our favorites is Smart Home USA which has something for everyone, the gardener, the breadwinner, the children and the dog, to make your life easier to manage.

The future of home gadgetry is here today with some truly unique ways to save energy, to make our lives easier and more convenient and to give us extra time for leisure and fun by our use of time saving, space saving, cost saving new toys for the smarter home.

First up, the Smart Strip power strip, that is the newest way to save energy, by switching off our appliances or devices by shutting down just one. Featured on CBX news as well as Wired Magazine, this little gem is energy and step saving.

The solar attic fan is environmentally smart and a fast solution that can save money. Completely powered by the use of solar energy, the solar attic fan is quiet and efficient in its venting.Asphalt shingles are subjected to greater temperatures when the roof decking is allowed to overheat, which is what happens in an under ventilated attic. Your purchase of the Solar attic fan will extend the life of your roofing as well as cut your AC bills in the summer time.

What electronic home is going to be complete without the installation of the Leviton Panel Mounted Surge Protective Device Rated for 120/240V AC 60 Hz. The Levitron protects against high-energy transient voltage surges on power lines which can damage the microcircuitry in X10 PLC devices, computers, audio and video components, and electronic appliances is a super investment particularly if you own more than one computer or piece of electronic equipment that you need to safeguard.

At 199 it does seem to be a bit on the pricey side, but when compared to losing so much more in replacement costs for your damaged equipment I think its a value.

Gardeners in your home are going to be impressed with the
CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent is a super means to prevent cats from accessing your garden as well as a humane deterrent to them.

Keep cats out of your garden with the CatStop! CatStop detects animal interlopers and lets out a very high decibel alarm that very often startles them away. The CatStop keeps cats out of your flower gardens, yard or anywhere you don’t want them to be.

Next up, and using technology so advanced that it has been used in interplanetary space probes, Innotech’s Voice Operated Remote Control Technology uses the sound of your voice to control your TV, VCR, Cable Box, Satellite, and Home Theater.

The Voice Operated Remote Control converts spoken words into remote control signals using Innotech’s acclaimed remote control infrared code library.

Able to recognize over fifty commands in any language Innotech’s Voice Operated Remote Controls are so automated they can perform complex multi-step operations from a single word and even surf the channels while you just lean back and watch! What an utterly amazing way to take the weekend off from virtually every thing.

WiLife Digital Video Surveillance System is the latest and greatest in home security systems.
With WiLife, you can secure your home or small business with a professional-grade digital video surveillance system in an easy-to-setup package. With email and cell phone alerts, you control your own security. Using free Remote Access, view your cameras anywhere anytime through the Internet.

Motorola Homesight – Home Monitoring & Control System
Quite simply, THE most affordable, scalable, easy to install All-In-One Home security, control, surveillance and observation system ever developed. You wont find a cheaper price. Monitor activity over your cellphone or the Internet, even when you’re away from home!

WaterDog Automatic Dog Fountain, perfect for a day out when you cant be there to provide your best friend with fresh water every few hours. This unique little gadget, The WaterDog helps to reduce thirst and sickness by providing a fresh clean cool stream of water on demand. Smart sonar sensing technology triggers the WaterDog to turn on when your pet approaches and turns off the water when your pet leaves.

EZ View Solar Powered Illuminated House Numbers, are an easy way to let people know this is your home, even after dark. Solar Powered House Number charges all day and glows all night. Has 100 hour of reserve power perfect for rainy days and long winter nights

Know in advance when company is coming, so that you can put the cat in the other room, or welcome them properly with

SureAction Vehicle Detection Systems Hardwired probes provide the most effective way for installing a probe system. Detects vehicles moving as slow as 1/2 mph. Battery operated probe for installation in areas where trenching is difficult.

Be secure inside while you take advantage of your wireless weather station to provide for knowledge in advance of the approaching weather with Oregon Scientific Cable Free™ Weather Station – WMR968.

Wireless outdoor sensors operate on solar power for simple installation. Includes Touchscreen Control Sensor, Anemometer, Thermo-hygrometer, Rain gauge, Baro-thermo-hygrometer, 12V AC adapter, all of which combine to give you state of the art weather knowledge at your fingertips.

When in doubt the perfect gift will always be something that helps to automate our lives and make them easier..
If all else fails, turn to the full automation systems of the Icebox kitchen computer system that can integrate all of your appliances and control them for you, using add on technology.

Who wouldn’t love a fully automated home, which has an electronic system to do anything that needs done?


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