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Kids love making cookies and they particularly love to decorate them. Making sugar cookies for children, is the ultimate edible art, and this frosting makes it easier for them to build something spectacular. The frosting on a cake is fine to not dry, or stay soft and moist, because in fact it isn’t often touched on top by another surface, but a cookie frosting does need to dry harder so that it can be packaged or stacked, and won’t disarrange itself.

Royal icing has the benefit of drying to a smooth hard consistency that isn’t unlike enamel in the way it looks.

This is a particularly brilliant icing that makes an excellent base to tint with food colorings in many and varied colors for using to do our sugar cookie masterpieces.

Royal icing is the medium that we use most often to glue our gingerbread houses together and is quite easy to make using a handheld mixer by simply beating the ingredients until they hold very stiff peaks.

Royal icing is actually more of a meringue than an icing, made from egg whites and powdered sugar, and depending on how you will use it, it can be thinned to a glaze or thickened to a very stiff paste by the addition of more water, or more powdered sugar.

A real time saver as well as a safety catch is the use of meringue powder, or royal icing mixture available at any baking store or from Walmarts baking department.

It will not only save you time, but prevent any chance of contamination from raw egg whites.

The powdered egg whites need only the addition of water and sugar, follow, of course the directions on the packet when making it.

If you select to make your icing with regular egg whites, this is the best recipe that I’ve come across.

3 large eggs, at room temperature

1 pound,(one small box) confectioners sugar.

Beating the egg whites til they are fluffy and the gradually adding the sugar..

This recipe is stiff enough that it can be easily piped from a pastry bag, and can be adjusted to be hard enough to make rose petals by adding about 1/3 cup of more confectioners sugar.

For the consistency that you want to decorate your sugar cookies, thin this same mixture with about 1 -2 tablespoon’s of water that is room temp.

This will make it of a consistency that can very easily be spread onto the cookie with a clean paint brush and leave no trace of a mark at all.

To color the icing, add a drop at a time of food coloring until you achieve the color you want.

My personal favorite new thing is the soft gel food colorings that come in the most amazing array of colors that I’ve seen in many years. I buy mine from the Ultimate Bakers Tools web site and the price is great at just about 1.69 for a 3/4 ounce bottle.

I’ve never been crazy about the paste coloring because its so hard to control exact colors and its messy.

These little gems are neither, and are relatively new on the market.

Its a rather thick gel, that comes in a squeeze bottle not unlike the liquid ones, but the top regulates the drops and the color that you get. They are so amazingly easy to use and come in colors like teal, terracotta and mauve, and just about everything in between.


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