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Is Nutrition Important? Absolutely and we are all aware to some level of the need to assure proper diet for ourselves and our families.

Some of the current nutritional issues have been in play for many years, but we are just very slowly becoming aware of the importance of them.

While most of us are aware of nutrition in the sense that we need to eat certain foods in a specific amount to provide for the vitamins and minerals that we need to remain healthy, we aren’t specifically eating for a certain goal, such as keeping our hearts healthy or lowering our risk for certain types of cancers.

The awareness of the subject just isn’t there, and in all honesty, too often given the pressures of day to day life and the harried pace of today’s working families we simply don’t have the time to eat as well as we should.

Taking that time, however is imperative to give our children a good start in nutritional awareness and to prevent the obesity which is so rampant in our society today.

Weight Control and Obesity

Eating for weight loss, and weight control takes a bit more planning, and some research into the right foods to eat at the right times during the course of the day.

It is imperative that we teach our children as they grow, basic good eating habits in order to prevent the continuation of the obese parents obese children cycle.

Fast foods do have a place and can be used as they are necessary but that necessity should be once in a while, not every day.

Taking the time to research which fast foods will be less fatty, and more healthful is needed, since most places that offer fast foods now also offer low fat, low calorie answers for the health conscious consumer.

Taking into consideration the necessary foods to include in our diets to remain healthy and to keep our weight within acceptable limits while planning meals is something that we all need to do, yet find difficult due to time constraints.

Preventative Eating

Using specific foods to assure our continuing health is an idea whose time has come.

Certain aspects of foods such as antioxidants, are known to help in the fight against cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Many of these such as heart disease are largely preventable given the right type foods. We can assess our risk for these health issues taking into account factors such as age, body type and heredity, and plan for their prevention using less fatty foods, leaner meats and more fiber and vegetables to prevent the development of such health issues as arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis.

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t enough since other factors enter into play along with that weight such as a family history of heart related or diabetic illnesses.

For the child onset diabetic is is imperative to follow a careful regiment of diet and exercise to prevent the onset of diabetes related issues such as retinopathy.

Varying Nutritional Needs in the Population:

-Specific dietary needs will enter into play dependent upon factors such as age, health and nutritional status and special cases such as pregnancy or lactation.

The diabetic will of course require some considerations in his or her diet due to the lack of insulin production in the body.

Preparing foods for this type disease process requires research and planning to keep fat intake as low as possible, while providing for the overall nutritional health, particularly in a diabetic child.

Due to their diverse activity level keeping their glucose elevated will be challenging at best on some days, while less effort will be required on days when they are more sedentary, such as when weather prohibits outside activity.

The woman who is pregnant or lactating will require additional intake of proteins and iron as well as minerals to assure not only our own health but that of the child we are providing nutrients for.


Given the issues that we see in food preparation and safety in recent months and in light of some very wide reaching recalls, providing for the safety of our foods is more than just assuring that things are properly stored and put away in a timely manner after meals., although those things too are important aspects of providing for the good nutrition of our families.

Today’s food safety means being aware of those things which have been recalled, or are considered unsafe to consume, using such means as the Internet, television or specific web sites which are geared toward dissembling information that the health conscious consumer will need.

Bearing in mind that those things we wish were safe sometimes are not, stay current on food and beverage recalls on a weekly basis.


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