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I learned this way of making bread from my mother and she learned how to make it from her mother. It has been passed down to my daughter and son. This bread is not very hard to make but does require effort and time. This is good bread for fry bread or cinnamon rolls. We sometimes add raisins to this bread. One batch makes 3 loaves. The oven temperature should be 350 degrees F.

Ingredients and utensils needed:

Flour large mixing bowl at least 14” wide
Sugar 4 cup measuring bowl
Salt 3 loaf pans
Vegetable oil
Warm water just above body temperature

Wash your hands first and take off rings, don’t use lotion before you make this or else it will make the bread taste bad. It is easier if you get all the ingredients out first then follow the steps below.

Step one: Find a bowl that is at least 14 inches across and 9 or 10 inches deep. A clean dishpan works wonderfully, as does a large metal bowl. Put flour in until the bowl is at least three quarters full then using your hands, make a well in the flour. Be sure to leave enough flour on the sides and bottom to hold the water-yeast mixture when you add it in.

Step two. Find a 4 cup measuring bowl. The measurements of yeast, sugar and salt are added in here. Use one handful of yeast and a scant handful of salt, I use one and one half handfuls of sugar but I like my bread a bit sweeter then some people do. Mix the yeast, salt and sugar together with your hands, then add enough warm water to fill the bowl. You don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold because it will kill the yeast. Add approximately 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. Stir, then gently pour into well of flour. If there is some undissolved yeast mixture remaining in the four cup bowl, add a little more water and put it with the rest.

Step three: Move the large bowl to a comfortable place like the kitchen table, then begin to gently work flour into the water-yeast mixture. Squeeze any lumps and watch for tiny bubbles, this indicates the yeast is starting to grow. Continue to add flour from the edges and sides of the bowl bit by bit being careful to not let any lumps remain. The mixture will get thicker and then sticky and not look like you are getting anywhere. Keep mixing in flour, then when it looks like dough, knead, adding a little bit of flour as you continue. I work in a circle around the bowl this keeps everything even and prevents spills. After you have finished kneading the bread, rinse off your hands.

Step four: Find a large bowl you will need one about the same size as the large one used to mix bread with enough to hold the dough you have made. Be sure to spray it

Old Fashioned White Bread (continued) – Jo-707

with cooking spray or coat with vegetable oil so the dough will not stick, then add the bread dough. Cover with a cloth to keep it clean, placing it in a place where it can rise.

Step five: Sift the flour before putting it back in the container, and then clean up any mess you have made.

Step six: Check on the bread, it should take about 30 or 40 minutes to rise, knead it briefly once more and let rise again.

Step seven: Turn oven to 350 degrees and make sure the racks are in the lower position. After the bread has risen the second time, put cooking spray or vegetable oil in three loaf pans. Knead the bread briefly before shaping into loaves; spank the loaves before placing in loaf pans. This gets rid of air bubbles. When the oven has heated, place the pans inside and let bake for one hour. The crust should be golden brown and make a hollow sound when tapped. Remove from oven and let cool then remove from pans. Brush with melted butter on the top, cut off a thick slice and enjoy!


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