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Wouldn’t it have been nice, if your mom gave you a tutorial on making the perfect country fried breakfast BEFORE you got married and realized that you had no clue how to do it “like his mom” did it.

To which my reply was the obvious… if you want it done like mom did, then why oh why did you move out of mothers house?
However, being the accomodating person that I am, I did take the time to learn to make breakfast like mom used to make.
So here goes.

Start cooking the bacon first, because with two or three batches it takes the longest to cook.

Many people use microwave hanging bacon cookers which in truth probably does remove more fat, however I personally don’t care for the hard as nails texture that it comes out with so I use the age old frying pan, laying the bacon flat and using a bacon press to keep it flat.

Hormel Black Label bacon is my choice and you can get it at any grocers.
The handy dandy little window on the back helps you to find the bacon that has the most lean meat or the lean and fat mixture that suits your taste best.

Heat the skillet to a medium heat, where water sizzles if you toss it in, but not over hot so that you are splashed and burnt
as the bacon cooks. I personally don’t think bacon requires oil or spray even on the first batch, so I don’t use it.

Turn the heat down to a medium to low heat, and lay in the first five or six slices, watching it carefully.

It will cook in about five minutes, turning once, to a thin crispy piece that will crumble easily if you try and that to me is the perfect piece of bacon. You will probably want to use a frying screen to avoid those little pops of oil that can so nicely mess up your hands and your stove.

While the first batch of bacon is cooking pare about five medium sized potatoes and using a large hole cheese grater, grate them and soak in a bowl of cold water with a quarter teaspoon of salt dissolved in it to remove a vast portion of the starch.

Back to the bacon

Watch your oil level and when it goes over about a quarter inch, you will want to consider draining it off to keep the bacon from snapping more than is necessary. Reserve the oil to make your hash browns.

Remove the fist batch of bacon at this point and begin a second batch.

Drain the hash browns, and pat dry with paper toweling.

Using a 12 inch fry pan, put about a quarter to half inch of the bacon drippings into the pan and heat it until it begins to bubble and pop slightly.. and NO I don’t know the exact heat. (while completeing the meal, I store the bacon which is already done in the microwave on a plate covered with paper towels, (foil will often hold in heat and create moisture causing your bacon to be less than crisp.

Drop the hashbrowns into the pan, in layers. Overall the potatoes should not be more than about an inch and a half thick, but add them in two layers, salting each layer lightly as you add them.

5 to 7 minutes will see your hashbrowns browned on the bottom and ready to turn.

Another five to ten minutes on the other side, and one more batch of bacon, just as you did the first two. timing them for aout five minutes will see your breakfast about two thirds completed.

When the hash browns have been completed, begin the toast, two pieces per person and add the eggs to the pan.

I personally don’t care for sunny side up eggs, but for those who do, which includes most of my family, here’s how to accomplish that without the nasty white part still being runny.

Add to your pan about a quarter inch of oil and heat it to moderately hot.
Crack the eggs into the oil and when the whites are solid, using a spatula, flip the hot oil over the top of the eggs to cook the whites that are laying there, which will leave just a thin coating of the white over the yellow of the eggs but assure that they are completely cooked without turning them.

For easy as pie scrambled eggs.

take a small sautee pan, and add margarine or butter. about a teaspoon will do the trick when its bubbling and hot, crack into it, two eggs and toss in a tablespoon of milk or cream and stir madly. Keep the eggs moving until they solidify, and they will be light and fluffy with no trace of scorching.

Now all this is of course in aid of a harmonious home, because frankly.. All I want for breakfast.. is my coffee and some silence.

Have a GREAT DAY!!


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