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Eating delicious Asian cuisine is a lot more fun if you know how to use chopsticks the right way! For many, using chopsticks is one of the attractions of eating Asian foods.

For those who did not grow up in an Asian family and may not have learned this skill as a child, frustration and embarrassment often lead to resorting to the use of a fork when eating a Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese or other Asian meal.

If you have trouble using chopsticks or never learned at home, read our simple guide to become a chopstick expert!

  1. Using your dominant hand, place the first chopstick between the middle finger and thumb. It should lie at the base of the thumb and the lower joint of the middle finger without touching your forefinger.
  2. Place the second chopstick between the forefinger and thumb of the same hand. The side of the second chopstick should lie against the tip of the thumb, with the top resting against the pad of the forefinger.
  3. Keep the tips of both chopsticks parallel, with the tips even to each other.
  4. The first chopstick remains stationary as you move the second with your forefinger to open and close the tips in a pincher type movement.
  5. Practice this movement a few times and then try grabbing a piece of food with the chopsticks, pinching firmly and then lifting it to your mouth.
  6. Note that Asian practice is to hold a bowl of rice or soup up to the mouth, making it far easier to scoop very small pieces of food or liquids into the mouth with the chopsticks. This is not considered as “bad table manners” as it typically is with western cuisine.
  7. Practice using chopsticks and over time you will be as comfortable using them as you are with a fork and knife!

With a little practice you can have fun learning to eat with chopsticks.
With a little practice you can have fun learning to eat with chopsticks.


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