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How do you choose quality cutlery for yourself or for a gift?

With just a glance it’s hard to distinguish between whats good quality and whats low rent, or inferior quality blade, because very often at first glance you can’t tell.

When selecting a knife, its important to look deeper than just a glance.
You are going to be looking for Precision crafting of your knife.
Look for knives that have no gaps at the joints of the knife. Particularly for cleanliness sake this is imperative.

Many of the cheaper knives will hold an edge well, but permit things to get down inside that can stay there and create unsanitary conditions when you use the knife.

The blades should have no rough edges or burrs in them.

The blade should have a ground surface that is fine and clean, and the handle and bolster will offer you a firm secure grip that your hand won’t slip from.

They should feel well balanced, be of the right weight and be tightly secured, blade to handle.

A quality knife will feel balanced in your hand, enough to lay comfortably when you lay it across the palm. The balance of weight distribution will make the knife far easier to work with in the kitchen.

Is the blade warrantied to hold a good edge?
Nothing is more frustrating than a dull knife and in fact nothing is more dangerous. A reasonably good knife will hold an edge for a long time, when used for reasonable cutting

Also check the makeup of the knife. It should resist corrosion and rusting. Check for fine grinds to assure that the blade will be as rust resistant as possible.

Dishwasher compatibility
Many knife makers will tell you it’s acceptable to put your cutlery into the dishwasher.
Generally the more high quality a knife, the less likely that is. Most of the upscale companies will tell you that its not okay, and will recommend that you hand wash your better quality cutlery.

A wide array of fine cutlery can be found at Cooking Toys.com

As a general rule, forged knives, that is those which are made of a single piece of steel, will be better quality, better grade knives and will last far longer. They are of course more expensive, but will be well worth the price that you pay.


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