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Beginning in cake decorating is fun and interesting, and it can save you a lot of money over a short period of time, given the high cost of purchasing a pre-decorated birthday, Christmas or other holiday cake.

There are plentiful ideas and photos of cakes that you can make on your own, and using just a few supplies and a few instructions, you can easily accomplish yourself what you were paying for in the past.

You will need to purchase some small supplies such as decorator tips, and disposable or washable bags to accomplish some things.

Basic supplies, that every beginning cake decorator will need are

A good flat tip for making items like flowers

a good writing tip, possible two in differeing sizes

several pastry bags

a flower nail.

The bare minimum will be about two frosting bags, or a box of disposables, and three or four tips.

You can purchase the supplies that you need to start decorating as well as to find some

great ideas, directions and tips on decorating cakes and cupcakes on the Wilton Cake Decorating Web site.

They will offer you decorating instructions on every aspect of cake decorating, and each month, is a new tip technique for you to study and practice, such as this one on making fluted rims on the cake.
They also offer new recipes, tips and tricks and ideas on hosting cookie exchanges and dessert ideas.

Wilton is well worth a visit, and learning to decorate is also well worth your time.
Happy Piping.


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