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How many of us have heard, or read about someone who was ill from salmonella or a disease or food poisoning caused by eating meat that was not properly cooked.

One of the most important aspects of cooking anything, but particularly meat, means learning how to be sure that we are cooking safely.

A commonly overlooked danger is meat temperature.

Many people rely on the color of meat alone when determining whether or not it is done.

This is not necessarily a safe way of telling when something is fully cooked, nor in fact are the little pop up timers that you may get in your turkey or roast. A great many factors can determine whether those actually pop up early or too late, when the turkey is drier than dry.

In addition, many spices or marinades can cause a color difference in meat.

The best way of determining when meat is fully cooked is by using a meat thermometer.

Insert a meat thermometer into the middle of the thickest part of the meat that you are cooking.

Make sure that you do not touch a bone because this can give false readings.

It is also important to know the correct temperature for the kind of meat that you are cooking.

Different meats have a different temperature that they must reach to be safe for consumption and those temperatures must be achieved regardless of the person who tells you to cook their hamburger barely cooked, and leave it raw inside etc.

If thats their choice, do let them do it in their own home, on their own time, but when you are serving the meal and liable for the outcome, make sure that you achieve a safe temperature to serve it.

Chicken and Poultry 170

Pork 160

Beef: Rare 145

Medium 160

Well Done 170


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