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We all love to grill outdoors and everyone is enticed by the smell of the steak broiling on an outdoor fire. It draws us to peer over the fence and see what it is that’s cooking.

You walk to the fence and take that prerequisite peek expecting to see the neighbor tending to the charcoal, and get the surprise of your life.

What you take in is the full meal deal. The neighbor has a brand new gleaming outdoor kitchen, complete with a mini fridge, a sparkling stainless steel grill with burners and a smoker and cabinets that hold all that’s necessary to cook outside in absolute comfort.

Since the beginning of the outdoor kitchen concept, it has undergone an evolution from simple cabinets under your grill to an entire outdoor cooking and serving area that will become a unique part of your back yard design, enhancing it immensely.

The outdoor kitchen is not just a barbecue, its an entire cooking center area, that has everything you need to have the barbecue of your dreams.
Now, you of course want one just like his.

Some neat ideas for the outdoor kitchen are available to view on Grill Kitchens.

Use a little consideration, and be forewarned that an outdoor kitchen is a truly noteworthy endeavor. It will remain part of your outdoor landscape for a long time to come and so, putting it where you want it to begin with is imperative.
Plan it wisely and build with quality materials to assure that it will last as long as you want it to last and serve you for many years.

Choose the location wisely. Placing it near your house is going to be idea and making sure that it is protected from the elements and particularly has some wind breaks in place is important to entertaining comfortably there.

Design according to what is already in place such as an existing deck or patio, but take care to be sure that it is far enough away from flammables such as trees patio roof and your trellis so that it is not a hazard.

Make sure that you take any utilities you might like to have into consideration when preplanning. If you are going to add a washing up sink this will require water, and the electricity will be necessary for an outdoor mini-fridge. Decide well in advance how to route these from your home to the outdoor kitchen.

Design it according to your own comfort zone. If you are smaller, design the counters a bit shorter than the indoor ones, and make certain that they are at least two feet deep to provide for adequate storage of your barbecue utensils and supplies.

Your construction will want to be sound in its building materials and design regardless of the materials used.

If you are going to be using a barbecue that is designed of stone, then you will need a concrete base, while a wood platform will be sufficient if you will be using stainless steel appliances and cabinetry.

Take into account that before you finalize the plans there are two things that must be accomplished.
Check your code in the area to make sure that your outdoor kitchen will be a legal distance from any property boundaries and that you have all applicable permits, as well as ascertaining that you install conduit for wiring or any plumbing that needs roughed in before you pour the slab or set up the platform.

When outside cooking and having friends and neighbors over to visit and entertain, there is nothing that can beat the means to do it all outdoors, to limit the inside mess and bring your outdoor entertaining into a whole new realm.

Your outdoor kitchen can be built, including a quality stainless steel grill and cabinets, for as little as 1000, or, if you desire the bigger better variety, they can cost as much as 15000 depending upon what you put into it. If you are willing to DIY, then the cost will of course be a great deal less than having it done for you.


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