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Computers are all the rage and now, virtually everyone has one. Because they do and because computers and electronic equipment becomes obsolete so rapidly, what was once not an issue, is rapidly becoming one.

Electronic waste products are becoming a problem increasingly in many areas of the country.

Computers and computer equipment do have some very significant kids of heavy metal as well as lead that is dangerous to people and to the environment.

There are alternatives to having it hauled away to a landfill.

The smartest and best one is simply to pass it along to someone else.

This prevents having to recycle it and gives a computer that is workable to someone who may not have one at all, and would certainly not mind having one that isn’t state of the art.

Many if not most people would find a way to use it who do not have one and many groups, including in our own state of Nebraska, CPU4All, will fix the small problems, and pass it along to other people who may be in need of one, particularly children and the elderly.

Some computer manufacturers have come out with programs to recycle the computers and if you pay a small fee, they will pick it up for you. Some companies such as Hewlett Packard will even award you points toward a new purchase. For information on that pay a visit to HP Recycle

In the US, if you need a place to put an older but still functional computer, you can contact the the National Cristina Foundation (NCF) who help to provide computers to people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged persons as well as students at risk.

According to Energy Star these web sites also help to connect computers that are up for grabs, with those who need them.
“Share the Technology Computer Recycling Project – provides a searchable national computer donation database to connect computer donors and charities seeking donations.”
~ National Technology Recycling Project – constantly updated, nationwide directory to find the non-profit computer recycler closest to you.”

Don’t waste the technology and add to the pollution.
Find a way to make your older computer work for someone who may not otherwise have one.


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