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I’ll admit it. I am a complete and total freak about maintaining my computer and making sure its clean. Not just a little, but a lot! The right maintenance is important to me because my own computer makes my living and without it, well I just tend to frown on not eating.

While I may take it overboard on some occasions, maintenance done on a regular basis is absolutely imperative to keeping your PC in tip top shape. Even if you only game with yours, the interminable hangs, the grinds and drags are just not something you want to work with.

Note I do say, maintain, not repair, or upgrade. Those are another article for another time. I am talking routine, common sense things that will help to maintain your PC at a reasonable level of usability

First things first.

Maintaining your computer assumes that you have some level of competent virus scan and something that protects you from malware and ad-ware. If you don’t, no amount of computer savvy or maintenance is going to keep you safe in today’s Internet usage.

One perfectly wonderful virus software is AVG Antivirus, which is available to the personal computer home user free of charge.

It auto updates and is comparable in every way to the paid varieties such as Norton. Make sure your antivirus scan, whatever its make, is set up to run nightly and to update daily, when it comes online. It can’t help you if its not updated with the latest virus definitions and each night as you log off, make sure that you clear out the quarantine and check on your system scans.

Next, keep it clean, smoking, if you smoke, over your computer is just a no no. I have cleaned up computers that were so completely gunked up with smoke I thought I would never get them clean.

Vacuum out the keyboard and the back of the computer at least weekly. The dust is going to build up there, regardless of how immaculately you keep your home. Use canned air to clean off the keys and the mainboard at least monthly.

Cookies and cream ice cream or mini oreos and Pepsi are probably a bad snack to eat if you are hanging over the keys.


Keep it cool.

Heat is your computers worst enemy. Beside the radiator or furnace vent isn’t the right place to park your electronic tools.

If it has to sit by a window, where the sun will hit it, buy cellular blinds or put it in a case where the full sun can’t hit the back of your monitor or the tower.

If you take reasonable care of your PC, it will be there waiting for you when you need it. chances are it is going to be functional until it is obsolete.


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