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Aside from writing, I geek for a living and my computer means a great deal to me. As you might expect, I’m fairly protective of my data and who accesses it. I value my privacy, (yes, charter member of EFF) and I want software that guarantees it.

Virus scans tend to have tentacles in every aspect of your computer and some of them can wreak some real havoc, popping on at inopportune times, erroring or failing to update.

After looking around to find software that would assist me in keeping my personal things personal, I hunted the web to find chat programs and anti virus software that was dependable, professional, easy to use and reliable.

I personally think I’ve found the best of the best.

Having purchased Norton for three years running, I became somewhat unsatisfied when I attempted to renew it after a format, only to find that it would not renew, that when it did my months of updates were no longer there, and that if I wanted to speak to tech support about that, it was nearly impossible to do and was going to cost me significant amounts of money to fix the problem. I liked the antivirus software, and in truth find it very well done, but having

I like open source and I think theres a huge group of people out there who underrate it,thinking that somehow, if its free, its low rent or less than professional.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
ANTI-VIRUS, developed by Grisoft, offers a free version of their excellent antivirus to personal computer users for their home computers.

This is the same award winning software whose corporate version is used by many Internet service providers, by private and public networks and by me, on my networks.

AVG is easily navigated, providing ease of use, easy understanding even if you are new to anti virus sofware, has won not one, but two awars from PC Answers 2007.

“Both AVG Anti-Spyware and AVG Internet Security were given the PC Answers Recommended Award. PC Answers made note of AVG Anti-Spy ware’s removal of all major threats on the infected system, its excellent real-time protection and the program’s clear alert messages.”

While AVG free does not offer technical support, to be honest, it isn’t normally necessary
I have never had an error with my AVG on my personal computer, nor have I ever needed to have tech support because the program is both easy to use and auto updates to keep my virus definitions current every evening.

If you are looking for an antivirus for your PC, and you want the best that is available, pay a visit to the folks at Grisoft/AVG Antivirus. I think you’ll be impressed!



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