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Printers for your PC are on the market in literally droves, and choosing between them isn’t an easy task.

There are printers that scan, copy, print to photo printers, include a fax and combine technologies.

So how do you choose the right printer for your particular needs?

To begin with, determine what your needs are. Which type of printer is right for what you are going to use it for.

Considerations in printers might include, scanning, faxing, print quality, speed, cost per page, the quality of the graphics as well as extra features you might want, such as an lcd screen, the ability to connect wirelessly, a memory card reader, or even the amount of noise it makes printing.

In the old days, in other words, a long time ago when I started using one, there wasn’t much choice to be honest and the ones you had were pretty fast to make, because laser printers were so expensive as to be ridiculous to buy and you simply couldn’t afford one. We all had inkjet, and we all liked it, or ponied up the thousand or so dollars it took to get something better.

Today, lase printers start at about 100 dollars and
the line between inkjet and laser has blurred enough to be insignificant.

Laser printers of course have some advantages

* Speed: They can turn out a lot faster pages

* Low cost: a laser printer will total far less per page

* Noise: A laser printer is generally quieter

* Quality: no matter how much you pay for it an inkjet will never offer the crisp texts that a laser will.

Inkjet printer advantages:

Price: Still cheaper, you can find a great one for well under 100 dollars now, with Hewlett Packard offering some very crisp quality for about 40 dollars.

* Versatility: You can print to craft paper, tee shirt transfers, and even cd discs.

Size: Lots smaller, they are going to fit your home office in a much better way.

Paper sizes: Kick up a few extra bucks and you can get a large sized printer that will print out 11 x 17 inch sheets.

Inkjet printers also produce some incredibly stunning photo colors that are going to be more than acceptable for your printed photos.

Photo printers are designed especially to make your photos the best quality they can be, and some will rival even a professionally done 35 mm print.

They use the best-quality inkjet technology available, or they rely on another technology that is called dye-sublimation .It transfers heated solid dye from a ribbon to specially coated paper, giving you that the same continuous tone that you see in a photograph produced from a negative.

The inkjet and photo printers both use the same basic method for putting ink on paper: Tiny balls of ink are shot directly onto the paper.

Inkjet printers can cost a great deal less, and will not, as in the old days, be wet when they come out of the printer, so the days of the messy photos and texts are just about over.

For my money, inkjet is better because I still find laser cost prohibitive unless its a necessity for your home office.

Canon Printers are crisp, clean and state of the art and are my choice for the best for home PC. YOu can find a Canon PIXMA iP4300 Inkjet Printer for about 100 USD and the print quality is nearly unbeatable in a home printer.

The Epson Stylus Photo R800 is a great little printer for photos, but I personally didn’t find it marketly superior in print quality than the Canon which was odd considering that the retail is about four times the price at about 400 USD.

Hewlett Packard produces some fine printers, but to my eye, they don’t match the quality and speed of the Canon, however, if you are looking for decent quality at a low cost, Walmart offers some Hewlett Packard printers starting at about 39.00 USD.


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