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Every geek, or geek in training needs a tool kit in order to be able to fix some of the more common little things that can go wrong with your home PC.

Your computer isn’t going to do its own maintenance much to your great dismay and sure, you can pay the Geek Squad to come take a look at it, but whats the point,when there are so many simple things that you can track down and fix yourself.

Beginner or pro, you are going to need the right tools for the job when it comes time to take your computer apart and put it back together again.

Aside from saving you an incredible amount of money, since computer service and repair can run from 30 to 40 dollars an hour, its just fun and intersting to take apart your own personal computer and check out what makes it tick, or in this case, fail to tick.

Anyone can make the simple changes or upgrades necessary to keep their own computer functional with a little time and learning, but the right tools are an absolute necessity to even open the case.

Your computer professional would like you to believe that his or her toolkit cost hundreds of dollars and when they produce their often gigantic inflated and very often unused set of tools, you will well believe that it cost them the earth to collect, whent he truth of the matter is, if you truly watch one of us operating, we use only a few of the tools we own, and the rest,.as the saying goes, is just gravy.

To tell you the truth, having done computer work for several years, I can honestly admit that my own kit is overflowing with unnecessary, (but lovely and brightly colored) tools that only I can appreciate, but which often remain unused for weeks, if not months at a time.

For about 30 dollars you can have all that you need in a single kit to keep your computer functional and running at peak efficiency for months to come.

Absolute necessities in your tool kit even for the beginner are going to be:

Compressed, or canned air
a mini maglight
a set of precision screwdrivers
a smaller flat head screwdriver
a smaller sized phillips head screwdriver

the regular sized screwdrivers will be necessary to open your case, while the mini drivers will be what you need to remove a hard drive from its moorings or to take out your dvd or cd player.

THe mini mag light, is a personal favorite of mine in that there is NEVER and I do mean never enough light regardless of where your work bench is unless you are using focused track lighting which is the ideal situation, but we often aren’t working in ideal situations.

Lighting is always less than adequate and we always need more of it, which means, carry a small flash light, with a bright beam with you when you open a case anywhere at all.

I promise you it will save you a vast array of naughty words when you can’t see what you are working on for lack of light.

The can of compressed air is probably the most self explanatory tool for your computer, being the easier way to clear away months of dust from the mainboard and expansion cards. If you open the personal computer after a few months of not being cleaned you will be amazed at the accumulation of dust that lives inside it.

Spritz the canned air inside across the surface of the mainboard , but stand away from the air flow, as what you see, is definitely what you are going to get if you don’t.

Just by using that canned air on your computer every other week, you are going to add literally years to the life of your computer, preventing dust from building up inside the computer that can infest the cpu fan and prevent it from cooling adequately and perhaps saving yourself from having to purchase a new cpu for your computer.

These very basic tools can be found at nearly any good tool supply place, as well as online, particularly from folks like Tiger Direct who specialize in computers and computer repair and upgrades.

Purchase the minimum first and then decide if learning how to maintain your own pc is something you have an interest in.
If it is you can always expand later to all the neat little tools that you wont really need.. But they do look oh so impressive.

Happy Tinkering!


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