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Buying a sports car may be the best thrill you ever get to have shopping! Learn a few tips on how to buy your sports car.
Buying a sports car may be the best thrill you ever get to have shopping! Learn a few tips on how to buy your sports car.
Buying a sports car isn’t exactly like buying a sedan or an SUV.

When you’re in the market for a high performance sport vehicle like a corvette or a mustang convertible, you’re looking for different things than a soccer mom who’s shopping for a minivan.

Sports cars have some special elements that you’ll need to consider.

Consider the following tips when you’re looking for a sports car.

  • When it comes to sports cars, you’ve got a wide range of models and accessories. This means that you can get a lower end model for about the same price as your average sedan, or you can pile on the bells and whistles and spend a boatload. Take the time to figure out a comfortable budget before you start looking. This helps you to avoid getting your heart set on something that you can’t really afford. And don’t forget to account for insurance in your calculations. You’ll find that insuring a high-cost sports car is going to cost a lot more than you’re used to.
  • Sports cars are some of the only cars out there that come in two-seater models. Carefully think through how you’ll use the car, how many passengers will be riding in it, and how much space you’ll need for storage before you go for the two-seater. It might also be a poor option for you if you’re particularly tall, since they tend to have very little headroom.
  • You also have more roofing options in comparison to most other automobile types. You can go for a sunroof or a convertible. If you get a convertible, you’ll need to consider whether you want a hardtop, which is more durable but generally more difficult to open and close, or a soft top.
  • Consider whether you want a sports car for the look, the performance, or a combination of both. If performance is lower on your list, or if you can’t drive a stick, then an automatic is probably a better choice. But if performance is higher on your list, then you’ll probably want a six-speed model with a lot of torque. You might also consider getting a mid-engine model. You’ll get some of the best handling out there, but you’ll sacrifice some storage space and legroom to get there.
  • When you’re ready to start shopping and make the purchase, review our How to Buy a New Car article to make sure that you get the best deal possible.


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