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Many people are migrating away from the office job and turning their sights on a job they can do from home that will let them do other things as well.

Finding this type of work that you can work at from your home PC is not going to just come into your email inbox. . For the most part it will not fall into your lap.

It is, as anything else, a job.. A job that you will need to go and find, be interviewed for and many others will want that same position. Many, if not most of the people who do clerical work from home, created their own jobs by virtue of hard work, effort and a lot of scanning Internet sites, freelance job areas and sites and applications to various companies on their own time.

Very few of the clerical work from home classified on the Internet that you pay tons of funds to access will truly pan out for you sadly enough.

Before you begin to do your job search, assess your skills. The possession of a computer and typing in a role play or in chat rooms or emails to your mother in law do not in any case count as “marketable” skills.

What kind of clerical skills do you have that are marketable.? Are you a very fast typist? Can you transcribe, proofread, write knowledgeably about many things, or be able to spot typos a mile away?? Do you have any formal training in any area that will help you to find a job as a virtual assistant or a web site author?

The best advice many home workers in the clerical field, give is that they offered low cost typing, printing or desktop publishing to businesses or smaller businesses in their area, and began their business generally purchasing outsourced bits and pieces and then worked their way up.
Here are a few ideas.

-paralegal, veterinary offices, physicians offices, confirmation calls, hospital phone calls.

Each person who is actively working phoned this type business and offered to outsource for them, giving a cut rate until they had proven themselves in the field.

Some telecommuting jobs don’t pay what you will be used to in an office job, and they are not always high powered positions that will give you access to vast sums of money on a weekly basis. Most are part-time. So–if you’re looking for a position that will pay you about 100 -150 a week, then this is probably the way for you to go.

Writing articles on various web sites can be found on many for bid web sites, and dependent upon your skills or how fast you write, you can make as much as you like, provided that you build a good reputation and take in more than one bid per week.

As with any other position, rising through the ranks will take time and effort but not having to dress for the office will be well worth it.


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