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For those who are considering returning to the work force but would like to remain in their own homes to do so, finding a way to make money from home is not always easy.

There are the countless endless scams which explain how to make a fortune from your personal computer without lifting so much as the proverbial finger to help yourself.

As they say, if it sounds too good to be true it most probably is.

There are however some legitimate work at home, and freelance opportunities in the data entry field.

Many companies and corporations will hire freelancers to input their data into fields, keep abreast of email or enter email addresses into databases.

These are not difficult positions to fill, yet pay usually per number or entries made, but often times will pay by the hour as well

Many data entry positions are from the larger companies who are seeking to use a service which has a little more time and will be able to use that to assure the quality as well as the quantity of the work.

You can work at home, and love it! It just takes time and perseverance. Spend part of each week, looking for jobs and searching for freelance opportunities. I have personally done everything from writing about machinery to troubleshooting new software to writing press releases for some very large companies.

There are various sites which will help you to find online work opportunities..
One thing to remember that is when a company wants you to pay them to give you work, its not a company that you should be dealing with.. many of these are indeed scams, designed to make money for the artist, not for you..

Continue your searching until you find something that affords you the right to work without having to pay a premium price for it.

Try a search on Google to find a list of telecommuting and work at home positions, using a reputable site that will help you to be matched with someone who has a need of your particular skill set.

They will ask you for a fee to join the site in most cases but usually the fee is nominal and will be covered by your first job. Do beware on sites such as these though and don’t take more than the least amount that you feel is fair.

When I began I dealt with several unscrupulous individuals who believed it was fair to bid on jobs from a site and then farm those writing jobs out to others, keeping not a fair amount as a finders fee, but instead, usually over fifty percent, so that the person who actually writes the item, will receive usually less than two dollars per article.

You will be able to spot these individuals by checking their names on the site prior to bidding on their jobs, and comparing how many things they sell each week and also if they sell services as well as buying them, how many they actually bid on. Then compare the two columns to see if there are jobs that are alike in the listings.

There are legitimate people out there who want to buy your talents but remember, that taking less than you are worth, will mean you don’t have time to do a job for someone who values the work you put out and to beware of anything that wants money from you. Up front usually means that you aren’t going to make out on this one.


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