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We’ve all had the great dream haven’t we?? Of patenting the little trinket we invented so that no one can touch it for several years while we, in our infinite wisdom develop and make it and become rich beyond our wildest dreams.

and a few of us will but the reality is that most of us won’t even take the steps it takes to patent the invention when it really can be done for minimal costs.

For the most part, many of the ideas out there don’t get patented and even though we may have picked a winner with what we dreamed up, we simply don’t take the second step.

Obviously you are considering it or you wouldn’t be reading this… If you have decided that your idea is worth developing, then you need to turn to the laws about patents in the US for some assistance.

Its a document issued by the US PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE, that will grant you the sole right to develop your invention for a specific amount of time. In other words, you have a monopoly for as much as 20 years, but usualy for 1

The patent will give you the right to keep this to your own devices for a rather long time span, and because of this, they are inspected rather strenuously by the patent offices.

Usually what happens is this. You will apply and pay a fee of about 100 dollars, sometimes more, and fill out your application at which time, the examiner assigned to you will review the application, and then send it back to you, so that between the two of you, you will have to agree on which parts of your invention your patent will take into account and then you resend it to him.

This back and forth usually takes one to two years to complete.

IF you, together with the patent office, reach an amiable agreement, the application will be permitted and they will public a very short description of what you want to do in the official publication of the office called the Official Gazette.

This is to permit the public at large to object to your being allowed to patent the device. IF there are not objections then you pay the required fee, and the PTO affords you a document which is known as a patent deed, but most of us just call a patent.

Unlike copyright laws, there is no such animal as an auto patent by creation, so you must in fact file a patent if you are to have sole ownership of what you have created.

In some cases there are more than one application for the same thing. When this happens, you must prove that you created the device first, or had begun to manufacture it, or at least had documented the idea so it is a good idea for those who are serious about the inventing process to keep good notes and records of times and dates about their inventions.
If there is this issue in the patent process, it is called an interference and a hearing is held to decide who will get the patent.

There are many places online which will legitimately help you to develop and patent your invention. These are honest sites that help out inventers.

There are just as many who are not so legitimate, who will of course not do more than to accept your funding and probably be gone on the next fast train.

Take precautions when you work with a web site and research research research the name of the company that the site represents.

Use Better Business Bureau web sites as well as fraud complaint sites to make sure that the company or online site you select to help you is a legitimate one.

One site that will assist you in knowing what your next step should be is located here. Legal Zoom is the number one online legal site and can help you in a wide variety of ways, from patent to self divorce.


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