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Few things can drag down productivity like a never-ending stream of meetings. Despite a meeting’s ability to take a person out of their workflow, studies have shown that corporate America schedules approximately 20 million meetings a day. While most of these daily meetings were probably necessary, having to listen to a boss drone on about issues that don’t affect all of the employees in attendance is probably not the best use of everyone’s time.

If meetings have become a necessary evil at your workplace, something probably needs to be done that can help transform a series of boring meetings into productive ones. Studies have shown that increasing opportunities for creativity in meetings helps to increase brain activity and alertness in those in attendance. Engaging your employees when in a meeting can also help them feel more apart of what’s going on in your company and important to the meeting. Here are a few helpful tips about how to keep your meetings from becoming boring.

Get Specific

Identify the specific purpose of your meeting, and focus on calling meetings that address problems that need direct employee feedback. Calling a meeting that covers static information that can easily be read in an email or handout will leave you with a room full of people dulling staring at the information you’ve just provided them. Don’t feel as if you need to explain everything like a high school teacher reading the instructions for an upcoming assignment. Trust your employees will come to you if they don’t understand something, and save your meeting time for issues that are pressing and need immediate feedback and staff collaboration.

Stay on Point

Meetings can easily become sidetracked when things get off message. One of the things that make most meetings so dreadfully boring is how long they can occasionally run. To keep your next meeting running on schedule, draft an agenda that outlines each topic the meeting will cover. Be sure to provide your employees with the agenda prior to the beginning of the meeting so they can come prepared to discuses the matters at hand. If someone tries to address a topic not covered in the agenda, just politely mention that such topics will have to be discussed at another time.

Static Free

Trudging to the same static conference room day-after-day will eventually drive any employee to the point of meeting madness. Unless you absolutely need to hold your meeting in a conference room or office, consider changing things up by holding your meting outside or head out for a lunch meeting at a nearby restaurant. A change of scenery can make a meeting far more entertaining and help to increase creativity.

Everyone Participates 

It’s not uncommon for most meeting attendees to feel out of place or bored if their role is to sit in the back and passively listen. To make everyone in attendance feel like their input matters, let it be known before each meeting that everyone will be called upon to participate. Since you’ll be handing out agendas prior to the start of every meeting, your employees will have the opportunity to review what’s going to be discussed, and have the time to formulate questions or comments of their own. Make sure to encourage your employees to provide you with honest feedback during your meetings, even if that means bringing up points you might disagree with.

A Needed Injection

Try opening your meetings by telling a tasteful joke or humorous cartoon when appropriate. Using humor to help lighten the mood in a meeting will help those in attendance relax a little, which might encourage them to open up more and share throughout the meeting.

Timothy Lemke is a freelance writer. To read more of his work, visit the website of the projector installation pros at AVT Conference Rooms.


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