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Today, thanks to increased spending on Internet advertising, you can make an actual income from your websites. Learn how I do it!
Today, thanks to increased spending on Internet advertising, you can make an actual income from your websites. Learn how I do it!
We all know the Internet is the most incredible way to do a hundred different things. Among those things is to make some extra money from your web site or even earn a living publishing on the Internet full time!

I don’t want to make it sound easy, because like any business it involves a lot of hard work, some amount of timing and luck and learning a whole lot about how to earn money online.

There are so many methods to make additional money from your web site that it doesn’t matter truly if it makes it to the top lists in any of the search engines, so long as you don’t count on traffic for all of the revenue.

Using your website to make more money means helping it to live up to its potential by finding the right way to optimize it for search engines, to work at gathering new traffic and the means to draw visitors to come back to your site at least on a weekly basis.

But as we all know, some of those things can fail and still leave us with a smaller site, with somewhat less traffic than we might wish for. But, if you develop something compelling enough to attract an audience, then you will have plenty of ways to "monetize" it!

Here are some of the ways I have found to make a good living working from home, using nothing but my computer, hard work and experience to build a portfolio of over 50 websites:

  1. One method is it use your site as some kind of platform for a service or product such as to sell affiliate web hosting. Low cost hosting of web sites is one of the ways you might consider. It has become one of the ultimate ways to make extra funding on your site. There are myriad people out there who would purchase that hosting from you, which you may brand with your own title or tag and use it as your hosting service including billing your users while the actual physical hosting is done elsewhere, while you pay them a nominal fee to do so.
  2. Another method you might consider would be to experiment with the various different advertising systems, each of which should ideally be in tune with your overall theme of site. For example, if you sell Labradors, then something you might like to try would be taking in related advertising that matches your topic, or even taking in advertising from veterinary supply warehouses or online vet clinics, which could certainly help you to make a better living from a hobby site.
  3. If you maintain a blog site, checking into advertising and using your blog to advertise others blogs or services will be a method that might work for you.
  4. Another way to make money is to build an elist and use that to help advertise the service you want to sell, or to help it to become more popular. Using another persons blog or e-list to advertise your service is another method that works well for building up your own list and your own sales potential.
  5. A different kind of advertising or traffic building method is cross listing, or taking in an advertisement, one that fits well with the topic and discussion of your list, and advertising for that person on your own list, while he or she will advertise your services on their own. In this way you will probably gather future leads that will help you to further expand your income potential. There are certain aspects of this kind of marketing that you will need to consider prior to choosing a list. Among those things will be to check out each lists topic of discussion, how well they receive new advertising, how much they discuss, or how busy the list is. Are they receptive to new advertising methods and new users to the list? How well do they take to new ideas and new proposals and how well do you think your advertisement will be accepted. If you think there is room for an improvement in the way that it will be received, then its better that you look around to find another list that will use your advertising to its full potential.
  6. Another thing that I’ve personally found useful is to take advantage of a new technology, any new product or new idea that someone has which is just out of the box, so to speak or an upcoming fad, then advertise it on your site, drawing traffic to this fad, which will stay on your site, if your content is a draw to them. Using perhaps a new computer technology, you can draw people to your home site, and then keep them by offering further computer articles or products for sale.

While I don’t suggest quitting your day job until you have built up a steady income working at it part time, I can tell you that not having a commute or a boss is great and making money on the Internet is a great way to earn money if you have the discipline, know how and persistence to make it work!



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