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Whether or not you are running a large Fortune 500 company or an up and coming small business, at some point you will be needing to safeguard your office, your information and especially your employees.

More than likely, larger companies already have a pretty tight knit security system in place, but what about those of us who work with locally-owned, small businesses? If you are running a small business, chances are you’re running it in an office space that may or may not include a security and safety system.

Here are a few key points of advice to help you on your way in deciding what is best for your company:

Size Matters for Safety

When deciding on the best security or alarm system for your business, you first should consider the size of your company and, more specifically, the square footage of your business space. A smaller office space employing only 2-5 people that only utilizes a 1200-square foot area may not need a hefty and expensive security system.

Another important consideration involves how many doors your office space utilizes. Is there simply a main door and a rear-entry door or are there garage doors or elevators to contend with? If you do have multiple doors and points of entry, it’s probably best to pony up for the extra alarm keypads at each entry. This reduces the hassle of accidental alarm set-off and keeps everyone feeling safer and secure.

Best Practices for Business Security

Another key factor in determining which safety systems are best is your actual practice of doing business. For example, if you are running a small paper company, chances are good that you will want fire alarms and sprinklers systems running in multiple rooms and levels.

The same principal applies if you happen to be running a small wood-shop or furniture store. Anything that can blaze quickly should be over-protected. Using a combination security system that monitors your space for continuous 24-hours a day is your best bet in protecting your business.

Do you ever notice how warm your computer gets after using it for 8-hours? Do you do a lot of your business during regular 9-5 business hours? If you happen to be running a small clerical office where phones and computers are whizzing all day, then consider a security system that has a “brain” that control climate and temperature. Having a system that has climate regulators will keep your energy costs at an efficient level.

Safeguard Your Employees

Another component to installing the right alarm system suited for your business also depends upon your employees. Some businesses employ only a handful of workers, so it makes sense to have a system where each employee is assigned their own personal code for arming and disarming the system.

This type of safety system ensures that each employee is held accountable for each time they enter and exit the facility. For example, if for some reason you’ve found that there have been suspicious activity in the office, it could be easier to pinpoint which employee has been in the building afterhours.

Further, if you have a business with several employees, it might be wise to implement a badge system. This is a simple process of installing keypads at entry points that are on a high level of security. Restricting access ensures that confidential areas are safeguarded against company guests or unauthorized employees.

Finally, always consider your cost to value ratio when choosing the best security and safety system for your business, making sure it fits your needs as well as the size of your small business. When it comes to safety, size matters!

Kelly Wilson works with a tv installation company that takes safety and security in the workplace very seriously.


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