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In the early 1800’s very richly colored wallpapers with scenery on them wre just being introduced in France, and sent to the Americas. It was not long before traveling artists began to mimic those scenes, and to paint them for people who could not afford the very costly wallpapers.

Like the wallpapers, the murals were designed to connect a related scene that traveled at least two of the four walls.

In a treatise on mural painting, a very well known muralist of the time, Rufus Porter, said that it was desirable that a water scene flow into some parts of the wall, while over a fireplace, more elevated scenes such as lakes, mountains or hills was going to be necessary, or at least some prominent buildings.

The mural below is directly inspired by Mr Porter.

When I paint a mural, I find the focal point of the room and make it also the focal area of the painting, putting waterfalls or perhaps a seascape there.

The larger open areas of the wall are easily filled in with larger mountains, trees or distant forests, while the foreground is covered with some larger leaves or foliage. Having done several from floor to ceiling, I”ve found it easier to use a large typical paint brush, turning it sideways or twisting to gain larger leafy plants that will cover more area more rapidly.

Primarily I use acrylics or latex paint, made by Delta (primarily Delta Ceramcoat) and the wear is remarkable. I recently visited a mural I did ten years ago in a local service station and found it still in place. Additionally, four walls I did for a child room over 4 years past are as bright in color as they are when I painted them so I am extremely happy with Delta paints.

It is not at all difficult to paint a wall mural to be reminscent of the earlier times, to bring back the mid to late 1800’s since the painting of that period was so stylized in nature, and s much less detailed than what we insist on for today.

The painting itself takes about five days to complete and the change it can make in a room is nothing short of remarkable.

It draws in warmth and brings the last century to life in your living room.

I’ve been asked to reprise the murals people have seen in other homes and in most cases people don’t mind someone else havnig another one like their own, and will feel complimented that you appreciate the art in their homes, so duplicates don’t seem to be a problem for most home owners.

Surprisingly, since the advent of rustic and country decorating, mural painting is making a big comeback and may new age, or more modern painters are lending themselves out as itinerant painters, traveling to paint murals in other parts of the United States.

If you are not artistic, then you might consider hiring a traveling mural artist to take care of your mural, or of hiring an art student from a local campus to paint for you.


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