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How To Do Almost Anything!

Care to join our team of home makers and do-it-yourselfers? We’re not a strange group really, just normal people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg when it comes to Home Improvement.

Take a walk through our pages and find ways to build things like a breakfast bar out of old cabinets or lay your own carpet so you don’t have to pay that sky high installation fee!

Think you can’t? I bet you can! Anything you don’t know, well we’ve got instructions – And those instructions include a little of everything from making your own potato soup to making your own backyard play structure. And it’s all free. Now you can’t beat the price can you?

Stroll through the articles here and learn to do something new. In no time at all you will know a little about a lot of things; like home decorating, renovations and repair and even cooking.

You can move from one task to another quick and easy, beginning the day by repairing the broken window or cooking a gourmet meal complete with home made cookies for dinner.

At How Did I Do It, we’ve got it all except the meaning of life, and really, if you can do everything else, what do you need that for? Come join in. And along the way, if you have a good idea or something you’d like to see on our site pop us an email and let us know. We do listen … Yes we really do!